River Crossing on stepping stonesStrategy document and related governmental discussions

This project involves a top-level approach in drawing together a strategy for cycling and engaging and influencing policymakers.  It is being led by Paul Goldsmith.

New route development

This project involves identifying where new routes are needed or existing routes need to be improved. This is being led by Ted Liddle.

Public health initiativethe responsibility for public health is being transferred at national level from the Department of Health to Local Authorities.  Cycling is seen as a key component of public health and has recently been included in NICE guidance.  This project involves providing supportive and strategic input into the new local public health boards.  It is being led by  Paul Goldsmith.


This project involves identifying where signage is missing or inadequate and how it can be improved. It is proposed problems are identified in sub areas led by individuals. Ted Liddle will coordinate this important aspect of cycling management.

In addition we will highlight the excellent events and activities being run by various individuals and groups, such as One Life, ‘Love your bike’, Wheels for Women.