Cycling in HexhamBackground

Various cycling-related clubs exist in Tynedale but until Cycling Tynedale was formed, there was no body or group that represented the interests of all cyclists in the Tyne Valley and wider area.

Cycling is growing in popularity and now has a strong profile both nationally and internationally. The reasons to cycle have never been better known, yet there is a mismatch between the desire to cycle and the extent to which  this is being facilitated.

Committed Tynedale cyclist Paul Goldsmith reviewed this and identified the fact that  there were many  groups within different levels of local government that had relevance to cycling, as well as a variety of voluntary groups, but  they tended to operate in silos. Paul felt strongly that there needed to be a mechanism to bring different strands together to facilitate a major improvement in cycling in the Tyne Valley area. In late autumn 2012 Paul invited Hexham-based cycling development specialist Ted Liddle, to join him to form a local cycling group for just this purpose.

Cycling Tynedale was formed in October 2012 in conjunction with Transition Tynedale to take on this role and is asking cyclists of all ages and abilities who live and or who cycle in the Tyne Valley and wider area to register their support for this new group. 

Cycling Tynedale will be so much more effective if it represents the interest of a sizeable body of cyclists. Whether your body is sizeable or not – we invite you to become a registered supporter of Cycling Tynedale.

Please become a signed-up supporter of Cycling Tynedale