Resting at MatfenOur vision is to have a sufficiently safe environment so that everyone who wants to is able to walk or cycle as part of their everyday life and for Northumberland to be one of the fittest counties in the UK. All else will follow from this.

These aims closely align with NICE guidelines impacting on key aspects of health and wellbeing, but are also of importance for the local economy and person fulfilment. To achieve this major changes in thinking and strategic development need to take place. We want to help and facilitate this process.

We are an expanding group of people comprising cyclists of all ages and abilities as well non cyclists. The key factor that has brought us together is our wish to see more and better cycle routes, cycling facilities and cycling schemes in the Tyne Valley and surrounding areas.

Cycling Tynedale wishes to work closely with all national and regional cycling organisations, local cycling clubs and individuals and all aspects of local government.

Next steps. The more people that register their support, the greater the influence the group will be able to have on cycling matters.  So please do register your support using the sign up box on the right and also forward this information to your friends and colleagues. It is also very helpful to receive feedback of all thoughts for cycling improvements and what is happening.